When Is it ok to ‘have a bad day?’

After sitting through another lovely sociology class, I am yet again let to ponder not only my life, but the billions of lives around me. As my favorite class begins, we are about the start the topic of gender, aka my FAVORITE sociological subject so far. Before we start the topic though, we are shown a video called ‘Opium Brides’.

As the short documentary begins, I am not really sure as what to expect. But with the progression of the film, my heart breaks right alongside it. This was the very real and very actual tale of many a problems in the Afghanistan area. But it bowls down to one major problem. Women, girls really, are still being reduced to nothing more than property. When their fathers can’t pay back the drug lords, they simply come in and steal their little daughter, some merely 7 years old. These little girls are being dealt the worst. Forced to work in the fields, beaten for no reason, and the worst of the worst of sexual abuse.

Today, in America, we tend to simply ignore what does not concern us. If it is not happening in my back yard, then it must not really be happening. And, unfortunately kids at every age, are never even taught to care. We have no schooling opportunities to even try to learn about anyone but ourselves. We are taught from a very young age to simply worry about ourselves. We are also taught that that things like the trading of women as property are long gone, a worry of the past. So, when we find out this is an every day occurrence we are flabbergasted. For some we watch it and it our daily routines quickly swallow up the 30 minute video we watched in class, but for some, like myself, our hearts break. We are awakened to an entire new version of the world, one we were never shown before. And, more importantly, those few are filled with the desire to learn more, and learn of ways to help.

My heart goes out to all the helpless women out there, all the young girls who will never get a chance. All the children who are in a broken family and will never relish in what we know as the simple pleasures of life. My heart breaks for the children that will never know a childhood, for the families that are on the run, and the countries that are still yet to recognize that sexual abuse to women is an actual reality of far too many. I pray for the ones who will never know the potential they have in the world, and the school they will never go too. My heart is with these women every second of every day. As a women, and more importantly as a human being, please take a moment to reflect on the much larger world, and do all you can to help. There is nothing too small, simply recognizing that there are still women out there who are abused every single day and taken away from their families, because they are worth much less than property, is something so large in itself. So the next time the barista  at Starbucks gets your order wrong, you are stuck in traffic, or you bought a shirt that shrunk in the wash, remember that you are so very blessed. Millions of people in this crazy world would have their absolute best days of their lives on your worst.


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