Life has a funny way of slowly slinking past you until one day you look up and a month has gone by. Birthdays and Holidays flash past in a fast paced tango and before you know it half the year has gone by and you are sitting on your bed reading through your Facebook Memories about what you were doing on this exact day 6 years ago. Well, maybe thats just me but you get the point. Life has a way of swishing past you like a grandma doing her fast walk at the mall and sometimes it takes the big moments for you to actually stop and reflect.

Think about it, how many times as day do you just simply sit where you are and reflect? If you are like me you usually spend your days cramming information into your overfilled brain all the while wondering what to make for dinner and what you will be wearing the next day. It is so easy to get lost in the motion of things, the every day worries. The outfit, food, weight, exercise worries. Then when a holiday rolls around or some major life moment comes to life you are able to finally look back and see where you have been and hopefully where you are going.

Tomorrow is my bridal shower. In exactly 15 days almost to the hour I will be marrying the love of my life. These things finally hit me today. I know, I know its a little last minute but its just how I roll. Going from finals week to instantly rolling into the full time summer gig I have, the days just zoomed by. But taking some time to stop and reflect tonight, the night before the shower I am just now realizing how far I have come. I would like to say that I have come to this reflection  by myself but, like most of my peers I would have to give that credit to facebook. Scrolling through my facebook memories I saw that three years ago today I was posting high school graduation pics with short hair and old friends. Four years ago I was rocking an orange shirt and a red pimple at my step brothers graduation party with my siblings. Two years ago I was offering someone a million dollars to find those iced animal crackers, it was a weird time. Five years ago I was dancing and walking in relay for life  with black nails and a short jean skirt. Needless to say I have come a longggg way. Looking back on all these random things that happened in my life throughout the years on a random day in June gives me perspective and excitement for the future.  Long gone are the jean skirts and pimples. Instead white pencil skirts and a trusted face wash take their place. My siblings have all grown older, I have fallen in love, moved away from home, graduated with an associates and continued onto my dream school where I am currently working toward my dream career. So many things have happened and time is flying so fast. So, I have a little word of advice for you my friends where ever you may be out there. Take some time to review, reflect and enjoy your memories. Call up that old friend from graduation and reminisce about growing up. Visit that park you always went too as a kid. Dont get so caught up in the everyday worries and learn to focus on the bigger picture. Find the old photo album, search through your laptop or break out the facebook. Whatever you do, dont let the big moments and holidays be the only time you reflect and reminisce.


Summer Semester

As this semester rounds up, the papers are being submitted and the exams handed out, I have to say that I am ready. This is the last semester of my freshman year of college. The transition was rough, the ride interesting and the future promising. I have learned so many things since the start of my college career. I found out what type of classes I enjoy most, and I have a firmer understanding of what I want to do with my life. I learned how to begin to live away from your family, one the hardest lessons thus far. I also have a stronger hold on who I am as a person. As the last remnants of the high school days left my eyes, it made them far clearer. I was able to see which people will follow along beside me in life, and the ones who won’t. I was able to see what I really wanted in many different aspects of my life. I was able to decide who I wanted and who I needed in my life. Over all I became an adult. I moved out, and away from the town that never quit fit right. I got a new job, made new friends, and began to realize that I have the whole world at my feet. The things I can do and the places I can go are endless. I was able to mature on another level as I was submerged into the mysterious world I had always heard my mother refer to as ‘reality’. 


I don’t think that I will ever be able to forget my high school graduation. Eaton High School, a very small town school, where we all grew up together, the people I will never forget. I worked my whole life for the moment. I anticipated that day since I knew what graduation was. I woke up that morning full of hope, yet an indescribable sadness. While the larger part of me knew that it was time to achieve my dreams, a small, rather quiet part of me was not yet ready to give up my life; the only life I had ever known. As I dressed in my new white, lace dress and white sandals, pictures were taken with the family. One of the pieces I remember the most was putting on that white robe. The last outfit I would be in for my former life, it was time to grow up now. As I slung my gold National Honor Society robes around the collar, I made my way for the football field. That day will forever be a part of me. As I met up with my fellow friends and class mates in the back, it all seemed bittersweet.  As we lined up, it seemed like the average day for some part. We messed around, poking jokes at each other, and laughing like always, yet none of us could truly seem to face the reality of the situation. This was the last time, ever, that we would all be together like this. As we all made our grand entrance across the field and holding my lovely rose, I couldn’t stop the ever present smile.

I smiled through that entire ceremony. As I took my seat in the very front row, the guys made jokes, we all cried as our friends gave speeches, and our families screamed when our names were called as we finally received our diplomas. It all seems like a dream, the crowd, my friends, my family, and the massive amount of time spent on the field in a humongous hug fest. It seemed that none of us really wanted to leave the field, because when we did, it all became real. I will never forget what happened the night after graduation though. As we said our goodbyes and many trailed off to parties, my very best friends and I met up. One of my friends was moving away and we wanted one last who-rah, for the house, for the town, and mostly for each other. Things would never be the same, we all knew that. So, together we gathered, that warm spring night. As we sat around the burning fire we reminisced on the past, as we laughed until we cried. Though the grass was warm and the friendship warmer, it was time to take our leave. With too longing hugs we parted ways, saying lofty goodbyes. I will never forget that beautiful day, those outstanding people, or that warm spring night.