The Midnight Burglar


Screw Cancer. It’s like a burglar that comes at midnight. It comes in the middle of an unsuspecting night, while you lay fast asleep cozy in bed next to a loved one, or your favorite stuffed animal. Whether it tricks the lock or scales the windows and doors it somehow manages to slip through the smallest unexamined crack, and finds a way in to the place you always assumed would be safe. It defiles your home and leaves you feeling vulnerable and confused. It comes swift and bold and strong. It moves silently, slipping into every room without you having a chance. It ransacks your life, it goes through your belongings and it makes sure you don’t hear a damn thing while it carries out its selfish intentions. It works tirelessly, to gather all the things you hold dear so it can take it for itself.  And, by the time you wake up and roll out of the warm comfort of your bed, by the time you walk down the stairs, by the time you catch it, it has removed everything that holds any real value and leaves not a trace of evidence behind to have a culprit to blame. Screw Cancer. It takes your TV and your curtains and all the money you have ever saved. It takes your peace of mind and any idea of security you have ever had. It takes your favorite necklace and your favorite shoes and any favorite you have ever had. Just like the midnight burglar it is needy and silent and fast. It’s only motivation is to take all the things you love and leave you feeling helpless. It has no remorse and no conscience. It is quiet and cunning and destructive. Screw Cancer. If only we had a vague sketch artist drawing of you that we could pin down Criminal Minds style and lock you away for life. If only we had a leading witness to testify against you in trial. If only we had a face to blame. If only we had a way to get all the things back you stole. If only you weren’t the best thief there ever was.


Summer Semester

As this semester rounds up, the papers are being submitted and the exams handed out, I have to say that I am ready. This is the last semester of my freshman year of college. The transition was rough, the ride interesting and the future promising. I have learned so many things since the start of my college career. I found out what type of classes I enjoy most, and I have a firmer understanding of what I want to do with my life. I learned how to begin to live away from your family, one the hardest lessons thus far. I also have a stronger hold on who I am as a person. As the last remnants of the high school days left my eyes, it made them far clearer. I was able to see which people will follow along beside me in life, and the ones who won’t. I was able to see what I really wanted in many different aspects of my life. I was able to decide who I wanted and who I needed in my life. Over all I became an adult. I moved out, and away from the town that never quit fit right. I got a new job, made new friends, and began to realize that I have the whole world at my feet. The things I can do and the places I can go are endless. I was able to mature on another level as I was submerged into the mysterious world I had always heard my mother refer to as ‘reality’.